What is it? - We show you a picture of a clothed girl & you try to guess her muff style.

Guess Her Muff

Guesshermuff.co Is a mirror of the original Guess her Muff game at Vaginacology.com Muff mastery takes skill, practice, hands on knowledge, and more than a little intimate knowledge of the female form. Here's how you play: we'll show you pictures clothed women and a group of options about how a typical woman may trims her muff, i.e. Shaved/Waxed, Trimmed, Landing Strip, Patch, Bald. Simply select your guess about her muff and submit it to see the unclothed reveal photo, and often times bonus pictures, of the woman to see if you've guessed correctly.

Halloween Themed Costume Contest

Vaginacology.com is holding a Semi-nude to full nude Halloween Costume Contest with CASH Prizes.

To move to the next image in our Guess her Muff game, click the "Next Pic" button below the answer images. You DO NOT have to vote or comment for it to work, but I appreciate it if you do. Click on the main image to see the full size photo of her muff. Send this post to your Twitter

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Guess Her Muff Submission #6770
Total Votes: 36312
70% Bald (Shaven/Waxed)
8% Landing Strip
8% Trimmed
6% Patch
6% Natural/Hairy
1% Vajazzled



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Guesshermuff.co is a mirror of the content on Vaginacology.com, the home of the original Guess Her Muff game. If you've ever looked a woman in public & immediately started imagining how her pussy looked, you've already played Guess Her Muff! If you've ever thought about that geeky girl in glasses, that sexy librarian, or even just a co-worker in the nude, GUess Her Muff helps answer the question of "is her muff bald?", "is it a hairy pussy?", and "damn I bet she's dirty in bed".   Guesshermuff.co currently has 3109 Guess Her Muff contestants with a Bald (Shaven/Waxed) , 940 Guess Her Muff contestants with a Trimmed , 739 Guess Her Muff contestants with a Landing Strip , 696 Guess Her Muff contestants with a Patch , 661 Guess Her Muff contestants with a Natural/Hairy , 82 Guess Her Muff contestants with a Vajazzled , in our extensive collection of amateur girl porn.